U.S. Weapons Are Being Made Overseas

The money the U.S. spends on Defense can be better used elsewhere clearly. But when the U.S. Military is outsourcing their weapons manufacturing to China and other foreign countries, then it seems a good time to take back our military for a moment, at least long enough to make our own “guns.” Then we can decide how we’d better like to use the money we spend on the military. This all comes from a recent report saying that the U.S. and its military is in jeopardy and at risk because of its excessive use of overseas manufacturers for its weapons parts. The 300-plus page report is being issued from the Alliance for American Manufacturing and the main author of the report is a former U.S. Army General, John Adams. This seems to be an insult on an injury. Our military defense funding is already excessive. The least the weapons companies could do is hire U.S. workers and build in the U.S.




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