Sole Responsibility Creating Jobs

cropped-beth-steel-iii.jpgThere’s no one to go to ask to create more jobs. Unless the actual entrepreneurs are available. The president is not the person. Or anyone in politics for that matter. To write about the president and his recent job plan, and to make any criticism or critique of it seems an indirect approach to the lack of manufacturing in America. Any commentary, which will include something along the lines of putting $200 million of federal money up for grabs in a prize fashion, is also not addressing the actual point, unless the argument involves where tax payer dollars are going. No, the source of jobs and the creation of jobs cannot and/or will not be the sole responsibility of anyone in politics–unless of course they own a manufacturing business. All that said, the $200 million prize to help build American manufacturing here in America may be the subject of discussion here. But only as a sideline panacea to the job problem in the U.S., and at best, a commentary on tax dollars at work.,820256d8c5d9e310VgnVCM10000098cceb0aRCRD.html


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